Payments & Next Steps

How do I pay my breach notice?

Traffic Monitoring Services offers a secure online payment facility. We also have alternative methods of payment available. See below for more details. Once we have received confirmation of payment, we will allocate it to your breach notice. It is important to communicate your breach notice number when paying. Alternatively, if you believe you have grounds for an appeal, you can complete our Application for Review of Non-Compliance Breach Notice.

Credit / Debit Card Payment 24/7

Credit / Debit Card 24/7

Click here to pay your non-compliance breach notice securely through our website. Simply follow the link below Pay your non-compliance breach notice online here

Please note to pay Airport Enforcement Notices, please use banking details provided below

Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Please make payment to:
Account Number: 01-1839-0145103-00
Reference: Your Breach Notice Number

Please use your non-compliance breach notice in the payment description. Payments made without a reference will not be accepted.

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